WOW! IT'S FINALLY HERE!  HAPPY SHOPPING!  After all these years of developing my own personal style, my love & PASSION for fashion has paid off.  I'm so excited to share all my fashion jewellery finds from around the globe with the launch of MIMI & KO JEWELS.  Lets face it, I've never been shy to wear the latest trends.  Even if they were just an obsession and not really trendy i.e. tutus and metallic electric blue jeans-how I miss Parasuco! 

My main motto has always been "it's all about accessorizing".  Whether it was during my crafting days bending wide hoop earrings to wear as rings -early 90's, or emulating Madonna wearing massive cross necklaces and showing them off walking through the clubs - 2000's, I've created my obsession with shiny things from a very young age.  I dream in jewels and I'm always sourcing the latest looks & adding pieces of jewellery to every outfit. I'm kinda "famous" for it at least in my own little world!  Encouraging quotes such as  "that's so you" or "that's a mimi ____" (fill in the blank) from family & friends have pegged me as the ultimate fashionista. Whenever I was in need of a new outfit, and lets be real I had to wait for my next pay cheque to go shopping!  Just adding a statement necklace with cute earrings from my massive collection changed my outfit from, "i can't wear the same outfit twice" to "hey where did you get that?"

My goal is simple - "to empower women one jewel at a time".  I feel the need to advocate for women and inspire them to be bold not only in their opinions but with their self expression - using jewels of course (wink, wink).

I am nothing without my family & friends and owe most of my success to their constant love & support throughout my fashion career and "catwalks in da clubs". You are all my inspiration and little accessory voices in my head that makes life worthwhile (insert "tear" emoji here).  Okay, okay its time to say HELLO to MIMI~my alter ego and muse!  Mimi is shy yet confident, loud and bold.  She believes women are the most facinating species on Earth and we can all learn from eachother if we dare to do so.  Mimi pushes herself to do good for her soul and helps to inspire other women to stand up for what they believe in.  This of course isn't always easy but adding some "armour" from Mimi & Ko jewels gives you that extra push to kick a** in the world.  

I am proud to announce  Mimi & Ko Jewels is ready to launch and I hope everyone will find their inner "MIMI" through our magical pieces.

Hope you will join me often and feel proud celebrating your own unique style with our high quality & affordable fashion jewellery brand.



Mimi ♡

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