With the highs and lows of 2019 and early 2020, you deserve to treat yourself to something pretty, right? From shells and lucite materials that dominated the the runways to the thick chains and mismatched earrings that continue to make a statement, try switching up your accessory game with colour! You already have a great MIMI & KO collection of gold and silver jewellery. You may want to try something more vibrant this spring and turn your simple outfits to 'WOW' outfits. Here are 10 of the best 2020 jewellery and accessory trends that Mimi pulled off the runways to get you inspired!

1. Hoops - Loud & Large! Always a simple statement taking over the ear game. Check out our 'M & K' hoop earring that adds the perfect amount of sparkle in your life.

2. Shells - Special & dainty! Adorn your body with the treasures of the ocean!

3. Gold paperclip link necklaces - Mixed with pearls & different lengths of thin & thick linked chains! 

4. Ear cuffs & climbers - A simple way to add edge to your look without having to get your ears pierced. Skip the needles and opt for our 'Bar ear climber' instead. 

5. Lovely lucite -  See through your jewels and accessories with our new 'Name clutch’ that will accentuate any outfit this spring!

6. Colour me Mimi! Don't be afraid of a vibrant necklace or rainbow bracelet to add brightness to your collection.  

7. Jewel headpieces! Always crown your head with some sparkle with our beautiful 'hair vines' and classic ‘sparkle bobby pins’.

8. Bold bangles - Bracelets that always make a spring/summer comeback! Wooden & lucite materials flooded the runways. 

9. Mismatched earrings - Just because earrings are sold as a pair doesnt mean they should be worn that way! Take your new gifts and mix with your old earrings to make a sustainable statement!

10. Layering goals! Layer all your new coloured jewels with gold chains and bold bangles & leave your admirers speechless!

Check out our 'New Arrivals' and get 'Mimi' inspired to accessorize this Spring. 

Xxo, Mimi

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