The Mimi Name bracelet/necklace 14k gold filled

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*Leave your name, phrase, initial & bead font colour/chain necklace in notes

*Bracelet bead options

♥ “Gold-Filled” - 1/20th of the weight is real gold and has more real gold than “Gold Plated” jewellery. Gold-filled is composed of a 14k solid layer of gold mechanically bonded to a base metal (brass or copper). With proper care, it is durable and tarnish free as solid gold.

3mm beads 

  • 14k Gold filled beads 
  • Sterling silver beads
  • 14k Rose gold filled beads

*Initial bead options size and fonts

7mm beads available

  • white beads with gold 
  • white beads with black
  • black beads with gold
  • white beads Greek black

10mm 3d beads available

  • white beads with silver 
  • white beads with gold

12mm heart beads

  • white beads with black
  • white beads multi 

Chain necklace/bracelet  

  • 14k Gold filled  

**** any additional notes and requests leave in notes or contact 

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